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Carl Zeiss OPMI MDO S5 Microscope

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Carl Zeiss OPMI MDO Ophthalmic Microscope with S5 Stand
Manufacturer year : 2005
Used condition like new, Excellent and ready to work
Come with warranty 12 month
- Oblique Illumination
- Excellent Optical Clarity
- Zeiss Opmi MDO motorized functions
- Zeiss XY2. With auto center feature
- Zeiss F170 0-60 degree inclinable binos (primary surgeon)
- Zeiss F170 Inclined ( option)
- 10x widefield eyepieces or choice
- Zeiss beamsplitter. ( option asst)
- Multi-axis stereo observer option
- Universal floor stand S5 ( small footprint)
- 10X/22B Eyepieces
- Motorized Focus and Zoom
- Fiberoptic Illumination
- f=175mm Objective Lens or choice
- Twelve Function electric Foot Control
- Sterilizable Knob Covers
- Spare Bulb and a Dust Cover.