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Olympus Elite CV-290 Endoscope System Center

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Sale Olympus Evis Lucera Elite CV-290 System Center
Manufacturer year : 2013
Used condition like new, Excellent and ready to work
Come with warranty 12 month
Package include :
- Processor CV-290
- Light source device CLV-290
- High resolution LCD monitor OEV 261 H
- Scope cable for trolley WM - 30 - 260
- DICOM gateway Plissimo GW
- Colonoscope GIF-HQ290

Features :
Dual Focus
Dual Focus, a unique Olympus innovation on HQ scopes, is an innovative two-stage optical system enabling the user to switch between two focus settings. With the simple push of a button, the desired observation mode can be selected: “near mode” featuring ground-breaking resolving power for close mucosal observation or “normal mode” for standard observation.

Brighter and higher contrast Narrow Band Imaging
NBI in EVIS LUCERA ELITE offers a significantly increased viewable distance compared to previous generations. The improved contrast combined with this increased brightness means that NBI opens new possibilities in assisting you in lesion detection and characterisation.

Improved image processing
New and improved image processing delivers outstanding image quality thanks to reduced noise, reduced halation and improved colour contrast. The result: the optimum in image quality.

GIF-HQ290 Specification :
Viewing angle: 140 °
Viewing direction: 0 degree (direct view)
Observation depth: 7 to 100 mm at normal observation, 3 to 7 mm at proximity observation:
tip diameter: 10.2 mm
Soft part: 9.9 mm
Effective length: 1030 mm
Total length: 1350 mm
Forceps channel inner diameter: 2.8 mm.