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Carl Zeiss Opmi Pico S100 Surgical Microscope

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Sale Carl Zeiss OPMI Pico S100 Dental Microscope
Manufacturer year : 2009
Used condition like new, Excellent and ready to work
Come with warranty 12 month
Include :
- OPMI pico Dental Microscope with S100 stand complete.
- oculars 12,5X
- Voltage 100-240 v
- For a better view
OPMI pico with its apochromatic coatings makes details and fine structures clearly visible, enabling you to visualize high-contrast, true-color images.
With OPMI pico, optics and illumination go hand in hand.

- For better ergonomics
OPMI pico is a true advancement in the prevention of neck strain and back problems. The Varioskop 100, MORA interface, Foldable Tube and the specially tailored ergonomic handgrips make the difference.

- Basic configuration
Magnification system : Manual apochromatic magnification changer
Eyepieces : 12.5x wide-field eyepieces; also suitable for eyeglass wearers
Tubes : Inclined 45 binocular tube, f = 170 mm
Focus : f = 250 mm, focusable
Illumination system : Halogen illumination
Handgrip : Standard handgrip
Mount mobility : 120 coupler
Suspension system : Floor stand.