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Lumenis LightSheer DUET Laser Hair Removal

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Sale Lumenis LightSheer Duet Laser Hair Removal System
Manufacturer year : 2011
Used condition like new, Excellent and ready to work
Come with warranty 12 month
Package include :
- LightSheer ET Handpieces
- LightSheer HS Handpieces

With two handpieces supporting two technologies LightSheer DUET enables you to treat legs or back comfortably in 15 minutes or less, making hair removal profitable without anesthetics and gels.
- No topical anesthetic required
- Reduce prep time
- Short treatment time
- Differentiate your practice
- Grow your patient base
- Grow your profits

The LightSheer DUET includes two optimal wavelength 800 nm diode hair removal systems on one versatile platform.

The LightSheer's dual heads enables permanent hair reduction from all areas of the body. Its advanced technology reduces pain while increasing efficacy, enabling fast and comfortable treatments for patients and practitioners.

LightSheer ET (9 x 9 mm spot size) :
- Fluence up to 100 J/cm2
- ChillTip continuous contact cooling
- Pulse widths up to 400 ms

LightSheer HS (22 x 35 mm spot size) :
- Largest spot size of any diode
- Integrated vacuum-assist technology
- Pulse widths up to 400 ms
- No cooling or anesthetics required