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HS Hi-R NEO 900 Surgical Microscope

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Haag Streit Hi-R 900 ophthalmic Operating Microscope + FS 3-21 floor stand
Manufacturer year : 2009
Used condition like new, Excellent and ready to work
Come with warranty 12 month
Featues :
MoLLER Hi-R 900 is the universal microscope for all surgical procedures when vertical observation as in ophthalmology is needed. The exceptionally large stereo base provides maximal depth perception, and the clear zoom illumination with filters delivers bright and safe light.
- 25 mm stereo base for enhanced 3D vision
- Apochromatic optics
- Adjustable red reflex enhancer
- Motorized zoom and focus
- Motorized X-Y coupling
- Fine tilt adjustment
- Inclinable eyepiece head 200° with wide-angle oculars 10x 21B
- 200 mm front lens
- Optional: EIBOS compatible for posterior segment surgery
- Optional: TOCULAR compatible for alignment of toric IOLs

Moller FS 3-21 floor stand :
Ease of movement. The FS 3-21 floor stand features a "free floating" mode that makes the arms of the microscope easy to move and reposition in response to the slightest touch from the surgeon. Dr. Alexander comments: "You simply depress a button and the machine glides in any direction you want to move it, effortlessly like a feather.

Electronic position locking. Previously, assistants would have to lock every joint manually. The FS 3-21 features a single button that locks every axis electromagnetically, instantly.

Push-button balancing. No effort is required.

Personal settings memory. The instrument can remember your initial illumination setting, focus and zoom positions, and motor speed preference (auto or fixed).