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Olympus GF-UE160-AL5 Ultrasound Gastrovideoscope

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Olympus GF-UE160-AL5 Ultrasound Gastrovideoscope 
Manufacturer year : 2014
Used condition like new, Excellent and ready to work
Come with warranty 12 month
Features :
- Full 360° scanning plane: The 360° ultrasound view enables more precise visualization of the GI tract and allows easier anatomical orientation via image rotation capabilities.
- High-resolution images: Various different frequencies ranging from 5-12 MHz permit the highest ultrasound image quality while the build-in CCD enables clear endoscopic video images.
- Excellent maneuverability: A small diameter, wide angulation range and short distal end enable excellent scope maneuverability.
Specifications :
Working Length: 125 cm
Field of View: 100 degrees
Direction of View: 55 degrees forward oblique
Depth of Field: 3-100 mm
Outer Diameter Insertion Tube: 11.8 mm
Max Angulation Up: 130 degrees
Max Angulation Down: 90 degrees
Max Angulation Right: 90 degrees
Max Angulation Left: 90 degrees