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i.Profiler Plus Zeiss Ophthalmology Systems

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Sale Zeiss i.Profiler Plus Ophthalmology System
Manufacturer year : 2013
Used condition like new, Excellent and ready to work
Come with warranty 12 month
Technical :
General dimensions : 420 mm x 600 mm
Weight : 30 kilograms
Power connection : 100 V~ to 240 V~
Supply frequency : 50 Hz to 60 Hz
Power consumption : ≤ 200 VA
Features :
i.Profiler Plus 4-in-1 system, with ocular wavefront aberrometer, autorefractor, Atlas corneal topographer and keratometer. Includes I.scription software to allow you to prescribe Zeiss i.scription lenses, Atlas 9000 review software for the topographer, Pathfinder II and review software to screen for pathology. Masterfit contact lens software also included. The 2 computer and manuals also included.

• High-resolution Hartmann-Shack wavefront sensor. Sampled at 1,500 points across 7 milimeter pupil aperture
• Adjustable chin rest for comfortable head positioning
• Fully automated measurement procedure

Access to i.Scription technology by ZEISS for improved night vision
Clearly structured functions enable capture, evaluation, presentation and analysis of data
Touch screen control enables all measurements of both eyes in 60 seconds

• i.Profiler Plus features a high- resolution wavefront measurement and corneal topography which provide you with all data needed in order to evaluate the refractive status of your patient´s eyes.
• The analysis mode enables you to visualize the impact of different aberrations on your patient´s vision, including up to 7th Zernike aberrations.